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Clear Skies: Why Bitcoin Overhead Resistance Is Weak

Bitcoin price is only at $37,500 — a far cry from former all-time highs around $68,000. However, one visual technical analysis tool could show that overhead resistance is weak, and that the top cryptocurrency could rip right through what’s left.…

This Chart Makes It Clear: Bitcoin Is Bullish

When Bitcoin price action is sideways and directionless for the better part of a year, bulls and bears argue over which direction will be ultimately chosen. However, considering macro conditions like rising interest rates, a sinking stock market, and mounting…

Why Bitcoin Price Could Double To $60K In A Flash

Bitcoin price action has been known to go “parabolic” when speculation in the crypto market is in full gear. Prices begin to rise rapidly with very few pullbacks in between. According to evidence, a parabolic structure is possibly building that…