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Dogecoin Dazzle: Netflix Director’s $4 Million Bet Turns Into $27 Million

In an audacious financial play, Carl Erik Rinsch, the director of Netflix’s sci-fi series “Conquest,” reportedly magnified a $4 million investment in Dogecoin to a whopping $27 million. This unexpected windfall is part of a larger, dramatic narrative involving Rinsch’s handling of the series’ budget.

Dogecoin Windfall And Extravagant Expenditure

Rinsch’s journey into the crypto realm began after he faced significant losses in the stock market. Financial records show that after receiving an additional $11 million from Netflix to support “Conquest,” Rinsch allocated $10.5 million to stock market ventures, primarily in pharmaceutical companies and the S&P 500. These risky options trades resulted in a loss of nearly $6 million in just a few weeks, leaving him with a little over $4 million.

In a bold pivot, Rinsch transferred the remaining funds to the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, where he invested heavily in Dogecoin, a then-emerging digital currency inspired by an internet meme. His investment coincided with an extraordinary surge in Dogecoin’s value, culminating in him cashing out around $27 million in May 2021, as evidenced by an account statement seen by the Times.

Following this success, Rinsch reportedly expressed his gratitude in an online chat with a Kraken representative, saying, “Thank you and god bless crypto.” However, Rinsch’s windfall quickly translated into extravagant spending.

He embarked on a lavish spree, purchasing five Rolls-Royces, a Ferrari, a high-priced Vacheron Constantin watch valued at $387,630, and an assortment of luxury furniture and designer clothing. The total expenditure amounted to $8.7 million, as determined by a forensic accountant hired by Ms. Rosés, Rinsch’s then-wife.

The spending raised suspicions during Rinsch’s acrimonious divorce from Ms. Rosés. Her legal team speculated that these purchases might be an attempt to conceal his cryptocurrency profits. In response, Rinsch claimed in a deposition that these items were props for “Conquest,” funded by Netflix’s production money.

“Conquest” Is Written Off

Remarkably, Rinsch’s financial upswing stands in sharp contrast to the fate of “Conquest.” Netflix, having invested over $55 million in the series, has yet to receive a single completed episode.

Rinsch’s unconventional financial maneuvers and erratic behavior during the production have led to a standoff with Netflix. The streaming giant is now embroiled in a confidential arbitration process with Rinsch, who claims a breach of contract and seeks at least $14 million in damages. Netflix, contesting these claims, views Rinsch’s demands as unfounded.

Thomas Cherian, a spokesman for Netflix, highlighted the company’s extensive support for Rinsch’s series, noting the eventual decision to write off the project due to the realization that Rinsch was not on track to complete it.

At press time, DOGE traded at $0.0755.

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