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Analyst Predicts XRP Price To Hit $100: Here’s How To Become A Millionaire

Several crypto analysts and influencers in the XRP community have continued to make their predictions as to the future of the XRP price. This time, another has predicted the token to rise to $100 and given tips on how one could make money from this occurrence. 

How To Make $1 Million From XRP

In a post shared on the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Crypto Analyst and XRP influencer Crypto Assets Guy stated that XRP had the potential to reach $100 in 3-5 years. As to the best way XRP holders could benefit from such a significant increase in XRP’s price, he opined that holding 10,000 XRP is enough for those holding long-term. 

He further calculated the potential returns that these holders stood to gain if his prediction were to come through. Going by this, holders could gain as much as $1 million, assuming they were holding 10,000 XRP and each token was worth $100 in the next three to five years.

Some seemed to agree with the analyst’s prediction, with one particular X user stating that XRP “should” break $100 long before then, especially due to institutional interests. On the other hand, many seemed to disagree with the prediction and stated that it was almost impossible for the token to hit $100 by then.

There was also the category of people who seemed tired of such predictions as they stated that they had heard similar predictions in the past (years back), and still, there hasn’t been any notable increase in the token’s price. 

XRP Price Prediction Factual Or Otherwise?

The future XRP price is arguably one of the trending topics in the X crypto community, as analysts and influencers have continued to make predictions on the token’s trajectory. While some have based their prediction on certain indicators and fundamentals, others seem to be making these predictions without any conviction or any basis for it. 

With this in mind, some members of the XRP community have gone as far as accusing these influencers of simply making these predictions for engagement farming. Interestingly, the influencer Crypto Assets Guy who had made this $100 prediction was the same person who had some days back stated that XRP wasn’t going to hit “$10000, $1000, $50 or $10 any time soon.”

Although one can’t assertively state what he meant by “any time soon” in this context, it raises eyebrows as to the analyst’s recent prediction, considering that he seemed less optimistic about XRP’s future trajectory just days back. 

XRP  price chart from (XRP millionaire)

Token price takes a beating | Source: XRPUSD on
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